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What we do…

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L2 Systems provides professional program/systems management and engineering consulting services for government, industrial, medical and commercial applications. Our services include Program Management, Systems Engineering, Systems Integration, Business Development and Marketing, Hardware and Software Development, Training for turnkey system solutions.

L2 Systems specializes in taking ideas and innovations and commercializing these ideas into viable products, expanding client product and service portfolios. Special use of webinars offer exceptional marketing capabilities to promote your business.  Complete web design services also provide the total perspective to take your business to the next level.

Our Mission

L2 Systems strives to provide solutions to it’s customers at the next level.

What is the next level?

The next level involves a vision of the future…competition, technology, solution trends, life-cycle cost/benefit analysis, management decisions, profitability.  It involves taking customers beyond current paradigms and structures and beyond obsolete standards and norms with sound engineering and time-tested management methodologies.  It involves a conscious daily evaluation of concrete and testable project and system requirements to insure that the greatest benefits of research and development efforts are achieved by making prudent decisions during project definition and execution.

Company Profile

L2 Systems staff, with over 35 years of industry experience with government and commercial contracts, provides technical and management solutions for customers in electronics and software markets.
L2 Systems was founded in 2007 to provide consulting services to take companies to their next level of products and services offering and increased revenue and profit.  The management has vast Engineering and Management experience with Government/DoD and commercial contracts with small as well as fortune 500 companies. This experience has concentrated on communications, C4ISR and network systems and includes embedded hardware and software development using state-of-the-art technologies for turnkey system solutions.

L2 Systems Management staff has the vision to take your business to the next level.  Convert your ideas into products!  Market your products and services with exceptional and unique webinars services.

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