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Every day, we move our industry Business Developmentforward, and strengthen our reputation as a premier solutions company. We succeed by leveraging our enterprise and focusing on operational excellence to achieve balanced growth. L2 Systems thrives in a culture where our people are trusted to demonstrate our values and realize our shared potential.

Our Values – A core set of values – priorities which guide our every action and interaction:

• Ethical behavior
• Customer-focused improvement
• Accountability and teamwork
• Openness and inclusion

Our People Philosophy – A way of thinking about relationships and human beings that influences how we work together – embodied by six key principles:

• Mutual trust and respect
• Identification and elimination of negatives
• Open, two-way communication
• Employee engagement
• Training and development
• Competitive wages and benefits

Continuous Improvement – The L2 Systems operating approach – embracing operational excellence as a way of life, and defining the way we work. Our work is the epitome of “lean” through the use of:

• Policy deployment
• Lean and Six Sigma tools
• Real-time problem resolution
• Advanced quality tools

Leadership – L2 Systems views leadership development as critical to our success. We commit to support and invest in our leaders to create leadership excellence by building strong employee/ enterprise partnerships with a focus on mutual growth.

These are our guiding principles;

• Identify and engage promising leaders
• Develop leadership bench strength
• Expect employees to be engaged in their development
• Maximize value for the time invested
• Focus on the emerging and future skill needs
• Be accountable for leadership development
• Create balance between business and personal needs
• Facilitate employee participation in self-development
• Promote visibility and linkage to available programs

Diversity – A belief we value as highly as any other, and a cornerstone of our success as a global organization that accurately reflects the diverse cultures, communities and individuals we serve. We believe:

• Our people are the key to achieving our vision, and the diversity of our employees globally is an asset.
• Creating value for all of our stakeholders starts with developing an inclusive organization in which every employee respects, appreciates and values individual differences.
• Diversity of thought, ideas and opinions is a true differentiator for L2 Systems, and provides a competitive advantage in today’s global marketplace.
• Diversity at L2 Systems is broadly defined, and includes a number of important human characteristics such as age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, length of time in the organization, social and professional status, geographic origin, language, communication style and education.

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