Systems Engineering

L2 Systems provides a full suite of Systems Engineering Services.  These services are structured to integrate all aspects of a program solution from original Mission and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and system requirements to development, operational, and production objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Process driven solution provides manageable and traceable resultsprojectmanagement_man
  • Use of web and CASE tools provides efficient requirements visibility to project team and facilitates decomposition and allocation of requirements to development team.
  • Use of proven methods reduce customer risks
  • System documentation provides customer with key attributes for current and proposal efforts.


  • Architecture Development-Go from a mission statement with very top-level objectives and synthesize SE-Processsystem architecture and block diagram
  • Evolve architecture into measurable requirements based on system partitioning (HW/SW, operational, interfaces, etc.)
  •  Systems analysis and design
  • Data/records management
  • Database planning and design
  • Network services, project management
  • Manage development effort through project teams based on requirements traceability, process control milestones (SRR, PDR, CDR, PRR, etc.)
  • Web-based Integrated Project Team support tools provide state-of-the-art information exchange for configuration and quality management.

Check out the WIKI Reference.